Play Activity – Gamification Participation – Week 10

Gamification week was great fun and I am very pleased with what I achieved during this week.  At the end of the week, due to being so tired that I got behind in my assignments.


The following is a list of my hidden achievements and my place on the leaderboard:


Gamification Leaderboard:

1. Dwayne Pearce (1525)

2. Julie Rankin (1130)

3. Robin Pelenyi (1005)

4. jenniferd (745)

5. Diane Slatter (695)

6. Eve Crithary (685)

7. Madelin O’Sullivan (550)

8. David Whatson (515)

9. Shane Black (505)

10. Bodie (490)



Play Activity – Gamification – Week 10


What is Gamification?

I found the following definitions from [Gamification Wiki]

“The Gamification Wiki defines Gamification as the infusion of game design techniques, game mechanics, and/or game style into anything. This definition is purposely broad to support the many uses of the word outside of the context of business.”

A few other definitions of Gamification are:

  • Gamification is the use of game design techniques and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences
  • Simply put, the term refers to incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-gaming websites and software

[Marketing]  Way for educational institutions and libraries to engage with their users on a deeper level.

Gamification to me would be a great way for educational institutions and libraries to interact with children and young adults and bring back the love of libraries and learning. Gamification would be a great tool for information literacy for kids if it is done correctly otherwise parents would be in an uproar!



Huotari, K., & Hamari, J. (2012). “Defining Gamification – A Service Marketing Perspective”. Proceedings of the 16th International Academic MindTrek Conference 2012, Tampere, Finland, October 3–5.


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