Play Activity – Twitter & TweetDeck – Week 3

The purpose of this post is to document that I did participate in this play activity in week 3.

  • Set up a Twitter Account [@DiggensJenny]
  • Follow (@QUTlibrary) and two other libraries or information organisations
  • Follow Kate (@katiedatwork) and Sarah (@BiblioSarah)
  • Save a search for (#inn333)
  •  Make your first tweet
  •  Follow the INN333 Twitter list












[Lahle Wolfe Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows short messages sent over the Internet.  The short messages are called Tweets.  Twitter is a great way for a business to communicate to a wider client base quickly.  The following is a YouTube present to help you to understand about Twitter:

[Twitter and Wikipedia]  TweetDeck is a platform that controls all Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place using columns.  You can also from your TweetDeck account receive and send tweets.  [TwitterYou can gain access to TweetDeck in three ways:

  1. On the Web – using [Chrome] and [Firefox] using [TweetDeck] online
  2. Chrome App – go to [Chrome] web store and download the App
  3. On your Mac or PC – You can download [TweetDeck] to these platforms.

Reflection – Blogs and Twitter – Week 3

I have decided to reflect on the following:


Before I enrolled in this unit I did not realize that blogging and Twitter will have so much influence in my present and future learning. I am so out of my comfort zone but the benefits I will get at the end, out ways all my sleepless nights. [Susan Gunelius] Blogs and Twitter have became part of every ones life due to the popularity of the Internet.   The definitions of the main terms :

  • Blogging- The Physical act of writing a post
  • Blogger- Posts Author
  • Blogosphere – Online Community

In my research I found the following sites that were very helpful to me:


[Susan Gunelius] Blogs can also be called web log and are made up of different pages called posts.  Posts are were you can discuss issues that you are interested in and this encourages comment from your peers.  The following is a YouTube present to help you to understand about Blogs:


[Lahle Wolfe] Twitter is a micro blogging tool that allows short messages to be sent over the Internet.  The short messages are called Tweets.  Twitter is great way for business  to communicate to a wider client base quickly. The following is a YouTube present to help you to understand about Twitter:

Blogging and tweeting will have a great role in my present and future learning and the reasons are:

  • I am an external student so at times I do feel isolated.  To have access to the unit blog to ask questions of my peers and lecturers is a great way to learn
  • It is also a great way for me to learn, as an external student, to have access to my peer’s blogs.  It is a way for me to see if I understand what I am reading by seeing what my peers are doing with their blogs
  • I also learn from my peers and lecturers when they leave comments on my blog
  • I am unable to support and encourage my peers face to face, but I can by using twitter, such by saying: “How you going”.
  • Blogging and tweeting are a great way for me to continue my professional learning in this course and following my lecturers such as @katiedatwork

Time is always an issue but I can see myself continuing to use Blogs and Twitter after this semester.  The reason for this are:

  • My friends in Brisbane and I can continue our book club using a blog,
  • Blogs and twitter are also good tools for me to continue my professional development.  On my blog I can link articles of interest, conferences I attended and copies of my assignments.  On Twitter I can follow other organizations such as:
    • @qutlibrary
    • @ALIANational

My First Post – Week 2

My name if Jenny Diggens I am new to the world of blogging and twitter. I am returning to study after looking after my parents to increase my knowledge and skills of technologies and libraries. I have recently moved to Melbourne from Brisbane to be closer to my brother and his family. I am starting to wonder if I am biting off more than I can handle but I do find it rewarding when something works on my blog or twitter.  Good luck everyone I hope you all do well. I going out now to find a book “blogging for dummies” to help me to polish my blog, so happy blogging everyone and bye for now.

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