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[Charlene Kingston]

The purpose of this Blog is to for fill the requirements of Information Programs Units in the Library and Information Science Program at Queensland University of Technology.  Your comments are welcome on the Jenny’s Blog site because I am here to learn.

To place a comment on Jenny’s blog you agree to the following terms.

  • Editorial Discretion – All comments posted on this site are kept has part of the site content.
  • Language – No rude comments please because I want Jenny’s blog to be a safe environment for everyone to learn.
  • Legal Responsibility – It is the authors’ responsibilities for any legal consequences of his or her comments.
  • Length – Keep your comments short, contact me by email it you need to provide in depth information.
  • Opposing Opinions – I welcome discussion and other people opinions.
  • Other Links – You can provide relevant links within your comments.
  • Proofreading – All comments will be proofread by an independent person.

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