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The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband first book in the new series by Chris Taylor (Author) Called the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series. I thought I would not like it because I loved the Munroe Family Series.  However, after reading the first Chapter, I fell in love with the characters and the story.

2016-10-22-15-04-38Chris Taylor (Author) did a lovely job of portraiting the plight of women who suffered domestic violence in the Perfect Husband. Isobel Donnelly was living in an abuse relationships and thought she had nowhere to turn for help due to the way her husband made her isolated from friends and family. That until Dr Mason Alexander started a new job at Sydney Harbour Hospital and guessed what on the same ward has Isobel Donnelly. The Perfect Husband continues to explore Isobel and Mason’s romance and how Isobel found safety for her and Ben and Sofie.

Perfect Husband allowed me to bring up bad memoirs of my childhood and I wished that Mum had found someone like Dr Mason Alexander to love and support her. All female readers will fall in love with Dr Mason Alexander like I did and wished that he was your perfect husband. I recommend this book.

You can find copies of Chris Taylor’s The Perfect Husband at:

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Australian Romantic Suspense

I am Librarian when I fell in love Australian romantic suspense genre after reading Chris Taylor’s Munro Series. I decide to start and research the authors and the books they wrote. To promote Chris Taylor and other Australian romantic suspense authors I decided to create a new book club on Goodreads called Australian Romantic Suspense

Australian Romantic Suspense group on Goodreads is for everyone to discuss books, promote their favour author, buddy reads with members. Also, authors are welcome to promote their books however they must be Australian and write Australian romantic suspense. This group is open to new members. Come and enjoy the discussions, games and promote Australian Romantic Suspense authors.