Play Activity – Twitter & TweetDeck – Week 3

The purpose of this post is to document that I did participate in this play activity in week 3.

  • Set up a Twitter Account [@DiggensJenny]
  • Follow (@QUTlibrary) and two other libraries or information organisations
  • Follow Kate (@katiedatwork) and Sarah (@BiblioSarah)
  • Save a search for (#inn333)
  •  Make your first tweet
  •  Follow the INN333 Twitter list












[Lahle Wolfe Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows short messages sent over the Internet.  The short messages are called Tweets.  Twitter is a great way for a business to communicate to a wider client base quickly.  The following is a YouTube present to help you to understand about Twitter:

[Twitter and Wikipedia]  TweetDeck is a platform that controls all Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place using columns.  You can also from your TweetDeck account receive and send tweets.  [TwitterYou can gain access to TweetDeck in three ways:

  1. On the Web – using [Chrome] and [Firefox] using [TweetDeck] online
  2. Chrome App – go to [Chrome] web store and download the App
  3. On your Mac or PC – You can download [TweetDeck] to these platforms.

Play Activity – Gamification Participation – Week 10

Gamification week was great fun and I am very pleased with what I achieved during this week.  At the end of the week, due to being so tired that I got behind in my assignments.


The following is a list of my hidden achievements and my place on the leaderboard:


Gamification Leaderboard:

1. Dwayne Pearce (1525)

2. Julie Rankin (1130)

3. Robin Pelenyi (1005)

4. jenniferd (745)

5. Diane Slatter (695)

6. Eve Crithary (685)

7. Madelin O’Sullivan (550)

8. David Whatson (515)

9. Shane Black (505)

10. Bodie (490)



Play Activity-Online Applications-Week 12

For this weeks play activity I decided to use the following online applications:


Play Activity Week 12 Survey


Click here to take survey



  • Easy
  • Lot of design choices
  • Can be use for Surveys and Polls


  • Only free for the basic applications



  • Easy
  • Free


  • Only a basic survey

In professional capacity I would use [Polldaddy]  over [SurveyMonkey]  because you have more scope in way you present your survey.  Also, using [Polidaddy] you can produce polls, quizzes and ratings.

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