Play Activity – Mobile Technology – Week 9

Only a short blog to record information about mobile technologies because I do not have a smartphone!  The information will help me when I became a member of the twenty-first century.  Shock and horror, I am still using an old fashion phone:


Flickr 011


[Wikipedia] Mobile technology is the way we communicate on mobile phones. Mobile code division multiple access (CDMA) technology is always evolving and we are becoming more and more depended on them. Next time you walking around Brisbane have a look at how many people are using a mobile technology device.

[Business Link] Mobile technology is not only mobile phones it incorporates a number of things:

  • Laptop and notebook computers
  • Palmtop computers or personal digital assistant
  • Global positioning system (GPS) devices
  • Wireless debit/credit card payment terminal

[Chris LaBelle] With the increase number of people moving away from the traditional workstations and laptops to smartphones, libraries and educational institutions need to change in the way they present information to their uses.  Otherwise, libraries and educational institutions will lose a large part of their clients.  Educational institutions and libraries need to formulate educational instructions for mobile devices and one way they can achieve this is by [Place-Based Learning].  [Business Link] Mobile technologies are here to stay and the benefits out way the negatives:

  • PROS
  •  Improve the service you provide your clients
  • To pay for service or goods without going to the counter
  • Pay for the meal without leaving the table
  • Able to access your office network when you are out of the office
  • Provide more flexibility for employees.
  • CONS
  • Cost
  • Staff training
  • Security:  wireless networks can allow access to personnel information

I have found same interesting resources that talk about mobile technologies:

Cellphone culture: mobile technology in everyday life

2 Replies to “Play Activity – Mobile Technology – Week 9”

  1. Good to see you are still using the old style of phone. I was like you, in that, I did not want to adopt the idea of carrying a hand-held computer (smartphone) around. The reason for this was quite simple, “to remain less connected to the rest of the world.”

    I know people that still to this day do not use a mobile phone. That being said, if they need to make a phone call, they will use a land-line. I guess it comes down to what you’ve experienced and what you’re needs and wants are. Although I did not want a flashy smartphone at the beginning, I eventually ended up getting one. It was only then that I could see the extra benefits in having one.


    1. Hi Francis-Alfred,

      After week nine and seeing everyone having so much fun designing Apps I need to think about upgrading my phone to a smartphone. I think mobiles phone like my will be antiques in next few years.

      I think your age comes into it too. I know elderly people who cannot use mobile phones but others who only use them to phone family and friends. SMS function on mobile phones also is difficult for some elderly users to understand.



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