Community Activities


I was the Coordinator for 12 months of the SEASIDE READERS BOOK CLUB at Deception Bay

  • Selecting the books for the Club each month
  • Ring Club members if books are not returned or picked-up
  • Do the monthly newsletter
  • Discussion questions

I have attached examples of my newsletters:

For a short time I volunteered at the Moreton Bay Regional Council Library Service doing the following activities:

  • Repair books
  • Check Videos and CD for any damage
  • Shelving
  • Marketing displays


I am on the Committee that helps the Coordinator run the Broadmeadows Toy Library. We meet once a month. I also help out the Coordinator on Thursday doing the following:

  • Update the catalogue using Excel
  • Return toys
  • Borrowing
  • Membership
  • Keep the Library clean

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