W5 – Research Led Librarian


To fulfill the requirements of INN634 Professional Practice this is my 300 words reflection on what is to be a Research Led Librarian.  PhD candidate and INN634 Lecturer discussed the topic.


The presentation of this workshop was done entirely on Collaborate and the PowerPoint slides that were use were easy to read. Also, I had time to read and write down key points. The speakers always stopped and answered any questions asked by the students throughout the workshop. The workshop provided the evidence that all information professional personnel are evidence-based practitioners. In most cases we do not realise we are collecting evidence, for example statistics and feedback from clients.

This workshop really brought home to me that research is a big part of being an information professional. We do rely on evidence based practices but how do we get that evidence; we do RESEARCH.

In 2005 as a Library Technician when I was also student in the Bachelor of Arts in Library Studies at Charles Sturt University, I attended the [Evidence Based Librarianship Conference] in Brisbane. Due to the passion and the knowledge of the speakers, I got interested in evidence based practices and the benefits they have in the information industry.

With the economic down turn, we are loosing libraries. As a group the Information industry needs to provide solid evidence of the benefits libraries have to contribute to organisations and the community. To do this we need to become more orientated to evidence based and research practices. To use evidence based practices will not only help the information industry but also the information professional to see that they meet the needs of their clients.

Researching into this topic I found the following article that might be of interest to everyone;



Evidence based and research practices are very important skills for all information professional to have in today’s economic environment. As a group, we need to have evidence to support our role in organisations, communities and education.


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