W4 – Learning Professional


To fulfill the requirements of INN634 Professional Practice this is my 300 words reflection on what it is to be a learning professional.  The topic was discuss by four students of the  LIS Program.


[ALIA] Library and information professionals have a responsibility to commit to professional development and career-long learning.

This was a very interesting workshop. It shows what you can achieve by doing the LIS program and the importance and the role it has in the library and information science profession.The four presenters came from completely different backgrounds but it show what you can achieve if you want to continue long-term learning.  The use of Star Wars and Sound of Music two of my favourite movies was great.  I thank them for giving up their time to talk to us and congratulate them in achieving so much while looking after young children.

After the workshop, I started to think about what can students, who came into the LIS profession in their late forties are able to achieve.  By enrolling in the LIS program they are continuing in their long term learning but is there a place for them to grow and enjoy the opportunities that these four presenters described.  I will explore this topic  later.

Some interesting resources I found through my research on this topic

“Professional Development for Librarians” on Bundler

As a side issue in the article [Broad-Preston and Cossham] help me to answer one of my question from Workshop 1 that reflective learning has a link to evidence based Library and Information practice.


It is very important for all Library and Information Science professionals to continue to grow professionally and personally so that library and information science profession stays relevant and up to date. On the other hand we are a learning profession but we do need to be more understanding of peoples’ divergent learning needs.

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