W3 – What is a Library and Information Science Professional?


To fulfill the requirements of INN634 this is my 300 words reflection on what is the library and information science profession. This workshop was presented  by  four LIS professionals from different backgrounds.


This workshop was done all online which allows you to listen in comfort at home.  It would be useful if all presenters provided PowerPoint slides to follow because at times it was  hard to hear. The presenters show the variety of ways you can use a Library and the Information Science Degree. My next fieldwork placement I am going to work in a public library. The reason for this is I love to learn and support others to enjoy using libraries and to explore the wonderful world of reading. We do not all read the same genre or learn the same way but we can encourage and support them to enjoy reading as a example  my mother grew up not allow to read at home, so  I encourage her to read  Mills & Boon but someone said how silly she was to read Mills & Boon so she stop reading altogether. It took me another five years before I could get her to read again.

This workshop  also got me thinking about Library and Information Science as a:

  • Profession
  • Discipline or
  • Vocation

I feel that t Library and Information Science degree really covers all three areas. It is a discipline in the context of University but the people who is working in the field it is a profession and a vocation.  The presenters all tried other careers but their hearts always brought them back to the libraries and information science arena.

I found an instructive  YouTube video that continues what this workshop is all about and what others things you can do with a Library and Information Science degree.


This workshop did start me to understand what is the Library and Information Science Profession and what is my place within their ranks.

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