W2 – Understanding Who I Am And MBTI


To fulfill the requirements of INN634 this is my 300 words reflection on the understanding who I am and what is my role in the information industry.  To help me to understand who I am I did the online test of the MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicators. I found out I am  [ISFJ] and reading about this type, it does sound like me. I am very loyal and supportive of others.  I can be use by others and that is one of the reasons I have so much trouble with group assignments.


Before I listened to this workshop I had a very negative view on Myers Briggs Type Indicators.  I believed that they represented putting people into boxes and leaving them there. As a Consequence of this belief, I thought that Myers Briggs Type Indicators were a way to demonize information professionals who are not as confident in their abilities. After listening to this workshop I decided to research further into Myers Briggs Type Indicators.

From my research I made the following list:

PROS [Human Synergistics and Logan School]

  • Not a Test
  • All documentation is easy to read
  • Measures preferences
  • Helps you to communicate better with others
  • Understand yourself
  • Understand others
  • Work better in groups
  • Manages your staff better
  • Help you understand your career choices

I found the following YouTube video discussing the basic of Myers Briggs Type Indicators

CONS [Wikipedia]

  • Reliability low
  • Bias in the interpreting of the results
  • Falsifiability
  • Able to be misused
  • Relies on honesty
  • Not useful for assessing likely or actual job performance
  • Not useful for staff selection

I found the following YouTube video talking about the negative issues of Myers Briggs Type Indicators.

The workshop was presented using PowerPoint slides, which highlighted the theory about the importance of understanding yourself but how this can help you and your organisation.  To keep it interesting it provided practical activities showing that the theories are correct such as the Paper Clip activity.

I listen to the workshop online so the PowerPoint and presentation was clear and easy to understand. During play activities the lecturer did not forget or switch off the recording. Instead talk to the online community to make them feel part of the workshop.


The workshop really open my eyes to why Myers Briggs Type Indicators are useful and what are the benefit for me in-regards to my  growth has an information professional.

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