To fulfill the requirements of INN634 Professional Practice this is my 300 words reflection GLAM – Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. Two guest speakers presented this workshop.


One of the presenters was not very well but still gave up her time to talk to us about her research on GLAM in New Zealand. The other presenter came from South Australia. Before this workshop I had no knowledge of GLAMs but after the way this workshop was presented I really became interested in the concept.

One of the presenters discussed the issue of what acronym to use for these convergence institutions. Using the first letter of each institution, GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) is easy to remember and ensures that all institutions are equal. To find out how easy it is to find information on [Google] using this acronym I tried GLAM, Instead I found articles and images on GLAMOUR.

Glamour Sharon

I tried the acronym in a number of [QUT] databases  and had the same results but if you type in (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) you do find some interesting articles.

The benefits:

  • All four organisations will gain strength and power in financial discussions with government
  • More access to resources
  • Clients of all four organisations will have access to our cultural heritage in one place
  • Preserve out cultural heritage

The negatives:

  • The lack of thought about how to combine each organisation’s collections
  • Difficulties for clients of the organisations to find the information they need


It still needs some thought as to how they combine collections but it is a wonderful concept and Glam would not only benefit the organisations but also the clients. GLAM is a wonderful concept to preserve our cultural heritage for future generation.

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