S6 – Reflection on Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference



This is my reflection on the Library 2.013 third worldwide virtual Conference. This Conference is held in multiple time zones, languages and held over two days. This is my first time participating in a conference with this type of format.


The format of the Conference is the same as face-to-face conferences, which are usually

  • Information
  • Keynote speeches
  • Online Presentations
  • On-line Chat with presenters and participancs

The Conference is divided up into 8 strands, which are:

  1. Digital Services, Preservation, and Access – Examples of topics are:
    • Evaluating of User Experiences
    • Managing Electronic Records
    • Metadata Schemes
  2. Emerging Technologies and Trends – Examples of topics are:
    • Mobile Access
    • QR Codes
    • Librarians’ role in supporting MOOC’s
  3. Learning Commons (for school libraries and/or academic libraries) – Examples of topics are:
    • Collaborate Teaching and Learning
    • Embedded Librarians
    • Innovative delivery models in School Libraries
  4. Management of Libraries and Information Centres in the 21st –  Examples of topics are:
    • Marketing
    • Advocacy
    • Outsourcing
  5. User Centred Services and Models – Examples of topics are:
    • Community Programming
    • Storytelling
    • Multilingual Populations and Services
  6. Library and Information Professionals – Evolving Roles and Opportunities – Examples of topics are:
    • Applying library and information science skills
    • Retooling and continuing professional development
    • Research on this topic
  7. Doctoral Student Research – The overview of this strand is it allows you to present your research in a friendly environment and receive feedback from your peers. In addition, it will add an online presentation experience to your resume.
  8. Library and Information Centre “Tours” – The overview of the strand is it allows you to describe your library, services or challenges to gain feedback from your peers.


The Library 2.013 worldwide virtual Conference is a great way for librarians to keep informed of what is going on in libraries around the world. In addition, the Library 2.013 worldwide virtual Conference would also help small libraries that do not have the funds or the staff to allow librarians to go to face-to-face conferences. All presentations are recorded and stored on the Library 2.0 website. This gives you the opportunity, over time, to listen to all of them and the keynote speeches are recorded on YouTube. To participate you need to become a member by registering on the site and be accepted by the administrator.

Some of the areas that were covered in the Library 2.013 worldwide virtual Conference were:

  • The way that Public Libraries can impact on student learning
  • How to manage your own personal information
  • How to serve non e-English speaking clients in your library and
  • Web design.


The Library 2.013 worldwide virtual Conference provided me with interesting and informative presentations that will help me grow as an Information Professional. All conferences are free and this allows all information professionals and students to participate in gaining knowledge and skills from their peers. The Library 2.0 worldwide virtual Conferences would also help me to develop an international network of information professionals in my areas of interests.

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