S5 – Reflection On Library 2.014 Worldwide Virtual Conference




This is my reflection on the Library 2.014 fourth worldwide virtual conference. This Conference is held in multiple time zones, languages and held over two days.


In 2013, I enrolled in the unit INN634 Professional Practice that is part of the Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) at Queensland University of Technology.  Part of the requirements to pass this unit is to participate in four seminars due to ill health and cost I decided to register in 2013 with Library 2.0 so that I have access to their annual worldwide online Conferences.  I enjoyed Library 2.013 conference last year so much that I decided to participate again in 2014.


The format of the Conference was the same as Library 2.013 with the only difference it had six strands instead of eight.  The presentations this year covered a variety of subjects and libraries ranging from school, academic and public.  The format and the variety of topics provided by Library 2.014 allowed me to gain more knowledge into issue that affect school libraries, which I have very little knowledge of.

I listen to the following presentations that covered a variety of topics that would help me in my quest to become a good information professional:

  • The first presentation by Christine Bruce, Hilary Hughes and Ian Stoodley talked about their new book call “Information Experience: new approaches to theory and practice”,
  • The second presentation “Libraries: a destination of learning” by Brigitta Goerres talked about the changing role of libraries from a house of knowledge to a house of access and
  • The third presentation “Creating a successful online portfolio” by Alexandra Janvey talks about why and how to set up an online portfolio by using as an example her personnel online portfolio. This presentation also highlights the importance of having online presences.

Due to the format of the Library 2.014 worldwide virtual Conference I am able to listen to other presentations that are of interest to me in times that suite me better such as “Leading the charge to connect the Library, Classroom, and Curriculum: a view from Library Leadership” by Follet Panel.  In addition, this allows me to continue my growth as information professional long after the two-day live presentations were held.


The Library 2.014 worldwide virtual Conference again provides interesting and informative presentation that will help me grow as information professional.  The Library 2.0 Conferences are free and this allows all information professionals and students to be able to participate in gaining knowledge and skills from their peers. The Library 2.014 worldwide virtual Conferences would also help me to develop and international network of information professionals in my areas of interests.




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