S3 – Reflection on Let’s Talk



This was the first time this event was organized.  It come about due to external students who were doing work experience in the City of Melbourne Library saying they feeling isolated from other students.  They are hoping they can do this event once or twice a year.


The format of this event was:

  • Half hour of talking to each other
  • To make everyone talk to each other they provided a questionnaire were you have to answer questions – for example “What course are they doing?”

A facilitator would ask a question to the panel of four who work in the Library Industry. The panel was made up of:

  • Romany Manuell – Liaison Librarian for education at Deakin University,
  • Patrick Splawa-Neyman – Student,
  • Tim Dolby – Teacher at Victoria University and
  • Pamela Glumarra – Programs and Partnerships Coordinator at the City of Melbourne


One of the areas they talked about was where is the library industry heading? During this discussion a couple of students asked the panel should Universities limit the number of students enrolled in library courses.

Some of areas they talk about were the library industry is heading

The panel also talk about what you need to do to get a job in the library industry and what you need to look for from the interview panel:

  • Do not need to use library examples you can use personal experiences,
  • Is you see the panel writing you know you are on track and
  • Find volunteer opportunity in libraries

Couple of students ask the panel should they have a limited on the number of library students in universities.

The other questions ask is about how to ensure schools think that libraries in schools are important.

I think they should have allowed more time for questions to the panel from the students.

Couple of students ask the penal should they have a limited on the number of library students in universities.


Overall a great night and I learn a lot that will help me in the future.  I hope they continue to provide “Let’s Talk” event.  I think it will help external students who are isolated from others students.

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