My Experiences Of Media Monitoring


This is my one-page reflection on my experiences of LIS Professional Media Monitoring.


Social media monitoring is an active monitoring of social media such as blogs, wikis, news sites and twitter. The use of media monitoring is to find information about people and organisations. [Wikipedia] At the beginning of INN634, students were told to join and follow one professional communication channel and monitor it for three months.


 There are a variety of professional communication channels to pick from and I have decided to monitor three blogs.  The reason for this is to monitor a variety of subjects to help me to broaden my knowledge of library and information science.

The blogs I decided to monitor are:

This blog also highlights topics that could help all information professionals. Librarian-in-Black blog discusses the topics in plain english and in a friendly writing style.

This blog highlights topics that could be useful for information professionals. This blog also discusses conferences that Bobbie Newman personally attended or thought that, it would be useful for information professional. 

Neil Schaffer’s blog discuss general topics that will help everyone. Some of the topics are Google and social media.

Information found on all three blogs will be useful way for information professionals to gain knowledge that will be useful to them in the future.


Media monitoring is a great way to see what people are discussing on their blogs, twitter and website.  If you pick the right social media to monitor, it will help you to became a better information professional.


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