Five Twitter Chats


To full fill the requirements of INN634 Professional Practice this is my summary and reflection on five twitter chats.


I have use Twitter before I enrolled in INN634 Professional Practice so I did not think I would really benefit from doing this activity but I was so wrong!

I learn that Twitter is not only a great vehicle for my professional learning and development but also a way for me to support students who are struggling.  Another benefit is that you can give feedback to lecturers, which will help them develop the unit in the future.  Using Twitter is also a good way for Educational Institutions and Lecturers to get information out to more students quickly.

Twitter is also a great vehicle to keep contact with people who live in different states; therefore, it is a great tool for you to develop your own professional network. This was highlighted when I did Twitter connection in week 11.  This activity really got me thinking what would help my peers, also to think outside the box.  My first thought was to only to recommended ALIA  then a light bulb went off in my head and I realised most of my peers will know about ALIA.  I decided to recommend international organisations so that my peers can continue their professional development by learning about the library industry outside Australia.

Doing the five activities, I realised how difficulty it is to limited yourself to 140 words and still make sense. I did learn by looking at other people’s tweets and see how they do it.

Other benefits of these activities are:

  • I learn how to place photos on Twitter
  • Taking photos of myself using my camera


I learn so much from this activity, much more than I thought I would.  Twitter is a great vehicle that is not really being used to its full potential. One great way I think we could use Twitter is to be able to connect to students who finding university study difficult. They will be able to contact someone 24/7, which will make them feel less isolated. It will also help me to continue my personnel and professional development.

Five Twitter chats were:

Week 3 – Twitter Introduction
  • Librarian – stop work to look after sick parents – hoping this course will update my skills & find work! #inn634
Week 5 – Twitter Essay
  • #inn331 #inn634 Information Professional is a friendly & supportive face for students, staff & the public and they enjoy reading & learning.
Week 7 – Live Tweet 
Week 9 – Twitter Photo Album
Week 11 – Twitter Connection
Week 13 – Free Tweet
  • We are loosing libraries due to the economic environment! As a profession we need to show a united front to protect our industry!
  • Should Councils support toy libraries more?


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