My e-Portfolio


This is my 300 words critical reflection on my e-Portfolio.


In 2013, I enrolled in the unit INN634 Professional Practice that is part of the Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) at Queensland University of Technology.  Part of the requirements to pass this unit is to critical reflect on your own e-Portfolio. The reflection needs to cover what you believe your strengths and weakness are and how the e-Portfolio can enhance your growth as information professional today and into the future.


To fulfil the requirements for the Master Of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) I need to develop my e-Portfolio.  Queensland University of Technology provides access to all students to QUT Student e-Portfolio.  The reason I am doing the LIS course is to update and further my knowledge and skills as an Information Professional. For that reason I decide to use my blog that I set up for INN333 for my e-Portfolio instead of using QUT Student e-Portfolio. Enrolling in INN333 started my road to gain knowledge and skills in providing my online presence. To use the blog that I developed in INN333 allows me to continue to grow in this area.

My ePortfolio says that I enjoy working and learning about libraries, IT, education, and law. This highlighted by my work experiences and education achievements. My work experiences covers library assistant, library technician, and librarian. My education achievements are Associated Diploma of Information Technology (library and Information Science), Graduate Certificate in Information Technology (Library & Information Sciences)
  and Master of (Library and Information Science). The ePortfolio highlighted that I have worked in a variety of libraries from academic, public, special and toy libraries.

My strengths that the portfolio highlights are that I am loyal to my bosses, colleagues and workplace. Another strength is that I am willing to learn and this is highlight by allowing people to comment on my blogs about ways for me to improve my blog. The weakness is that I am inexperience has an information professional and luck of experience in organisation my blog on the Internet. My CV, blog, and assignments highlight my strengths and weakness.

My plan for how I will continue to develop my e-Portfolio after I graduate is to ensure that I keep the e-Portfolio regularly updated.  Keeping the e-Portfolio up to date would show my future employers my personnel development as an Information Professional.  In addition, would also highlights the areas that I could develop in the future.


To develop an e-Portfolio is a great way for you and employees to see the way you have developed and where you are heading as an Information Professional.  My e-Portfolio highlights my personnel development over the course of the Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) and my future direction as an Information Professional.

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