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This is my one page reflection on my LinkedIn profile. All students must set up their own profile. Also, connect with two information professionals.

LinkedIn is a social networking  website for people who work in professional occupations. It allows professional people to build their own professional networks.


LinkedIn is a social networking website for people who work in professional occupations. It allows you to build your own network with other professional people and set up your CV online.  As a registered member of LinkedIn you can start a discussion or join other discussions on issue of interest to you.  At the start of INN634, all students must setup their own profile and connect with two other information professionals.


One of challenges that I faced while sitting up my profile was what to place on LinkedIn.  I have eleven years of not working so that my employment history was out of date. How do you allow potential employers that you have the skills and the capabilities to work when your references and employment history is out of date.

Another, challenge I had was how to build your network when you have been out of work for so long. I was lucky that my course coordinator and my lecturer at the time accepted me into their network.  My network is still work in process but it is growing.

LinkedIn is away for professional people to form their own networks.  I can only develop my profile without of date employment history.  I am hoping that my education history and my network will find me work as an information professional.

I think the role of LinkedIn in the future is to provide a way for employers to find out information about future employees so that they do not need to depend on references and interviews.  LinkedIn will also provide away for information professional to keep in touché with each other.


I think that the use of LinkedIn would be away for me to communicate with other information professional around the world. My profile is still a work in process but I hope over time it will be a way for me to find employment.




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