Professional Development Program


My career objective is to look for a librarian position and I am a loyal staff member, a good team player, and I can work independently. I would also continue with my long-term learning which will help my personal and professional development. In 2010, I completed Graduate Certificate in Information Technology (Library and Information Sciences) at Queensland University of Technology units study were:

  • INN531 – Collection Management
  • INN533 – Information Organisation
  • INN332 – Information Retrieval
  • INN532 – Information Literacy Education

I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Library Studies at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga in 2006. I also completed in 1990 the Associated Diploma of Arts in Library Studies at A.C.T Institute of Technical and Further Education Canberra. I decided 2012 to go back and finish my Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Sciences) at Queensland University of Technology. This is my five-year personal development plan laying out what I like to achieve:


UNITS – INN330 – Information Management and INN333 Information Programs


UNITS – INN331 Management Issues for Information Professional and INN634 Professional Practice


  • Prepare an action plan for m e-Portfolio
  • Prepare a brief statement of my career goals/directions
  • My 2-5 year professional development program
  • Complete 2 Career Development Modules
  • Create my LinkedIn Profile
  • Completed one fieldwork placement
  • Prepare my Resume
  • Twitter chat & reflection
  • INN634 Workshops and reflections
  • Start to monitor a blog, website etc.
  • Add completed unites to my e-Portfolio
  • Compile a list of skills gain by doing the LIS program
  • Organise my elective for semester two

SEMESTER 2  – July 2013

UNITS – INN690  – Minor Project and Elective – Professional Applications of Research


  • Revise my action plan for my e-Portfolio
  • Complete my systemically review of literature


UNITS  – INN530 Online Information Services and Elective – Law Librarianship – Legal Research


  • Attend 1 Professional meetings, seminars etc
  • Revise my 2-5 year professional development program
  • Complete my reflection on my e-Portfolio
  • Revise my list of skills gain by doing the LIS program
  • Revise my CV


UNIT – INN634 – Professional Practice


  • Complete my second field placement
  • Complete my e-Portfolio
  • Find work in Libraries
  • Talk to Kate Davies about doing Master of Research or PHD in Research

By Week 13 – Send by email to Kelly Johnson ( with my ePortfolio URL

In 2015 calendar year, I will continue my personnel development by investigating areas that was not completely covered in the Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) course. The areas are:

  • Research – In 2013 I enrolled in INN690 minor project, due to illness I only under took a systematic review of literature. The subject of the review was Information, Resources and Services and the Role of the Public Libraries for 55+ Generations. I would like to continue to explore this topic by doing the Master of Research 2015 at QUT or RMIT.
  • Law Librarianship – In 2014, I enrolled in Law Librarianship – Legal Research due to this course I would like to investigate more into this area of librarianship in the next three years.
  • School Librarianship – Through out my working life I have never work or study school librarianship. In the next three years I would like to explore this area of librarianship. I would also like to investigate continuing my personnel development by doing teacher librarianship at Charles Sturt University.


Continuing my personnel development in 2015-2017 I would like to register in the following conference, which would continue my knowledge and growth in the field of Librarianship. The Conferences are:

  • Australian Library and Information Associations (ALIA) – 2015, 2016 and 2017 annual conference
  • Australian Law Librarian Association Conferences (ALLA) – 2015
  • International Association of Law Libraries (IALL) – 2016 Conferences
  • Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference – 2015


To join the following associations:

  • Australian Library and Information Association
  • Public Libraries Australia

I also continue to grow as an informational professional by learning on the job from my peers and supervisors.


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