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The Likeable Fraudster – New Release

225x225bb The Likeable Fraudster is the next instalment of Chris Taylor fantastic Sydney Harbour Hospital Series and is due to be released on the 28 February 2017

I hope everyone has pre-order the next Sydney Harbour Hospital Series “The Likeable Fraudster” by Chris Taylor only two weeks to go. You can download a sample from iBook. To tickle your interest so that you go and encourage your partner or give yourself a gift of the “The Likeable Fraudster”.




“A moment later, the water was silenced and Kevin stepped out of the cubicle. He shook his head again and she was covered in droplets. She squealed and tried to get away, but he was having none of it. With the lean, taut body of an athlete and his cute and disarming smile, Kevin Johnson garnered his fair share of attention. Kat was no different. He’d drawn her like a magnet. Now, his arms came around her from behind and he pulled her back hard against him. His hands cupped her breasts…..” (Taylor, p19-21, 2017)

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