QR Codes – Play Activity – Week 9

When week 9 began I thought to myself I am lucky that the rules were changed for play activities because I have no way of participating this week.  However, I am here to learn so I started to search the Internet to see if there is any way for me to play with QR codes. Following information I found surfing the Internet:

QR Codes

[Jeff Korhan] QR codes are like barcodes but they hold more information and they originate in Japan by [Denso Wave]

[Terrence O’Brien] QR codes are used to link information onto a smartphone. To read them you need to install an [App] that allows you to read the code. There are number of [App] available but the most common one is the QR Reader from iPhone App store.

I also asked a question on [Inn333 Group Blog]

  • jennifer – I do not have a smart phone! Can I add a QR Code Widget from WordPress so that I can play with QR Codes? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/qr-code-widget/
  • sarah Hi there, if all you want to do is read the QR code then there are other options, for example if you download Google Chrome (it’s a browser like Firefox or IE) you can add the QReader extension. There are also free online tools to create QR codes – if you do a basic web search you’ll see hundreds of services! 

I  downloaded Google Chrome and I found the following sites. They are both very easy to use but I like the second one because you can use colour.  Yeah!  I can now play with QR Codes.


4 Replies to “QR Codes – Play Activity – Week 9”

  1. I really like that purple QR code! I’ve never seen that before.

    When I first created my QR code, I really liked the idea, but didn’t think too much about how they could be used in a library context. Then in another class (you might be enrolled too), I saw one on a catalogue entry for an item at the UQ library, where users could scan it for more information or record it for later use. I’m interested to see other applications for this technology…and hopefully they’ll be beautiful. 🙂


  2. Hi Diane,

    I am not sure how you would use QR codes in libraries. I wonder if you could use them as subject guides. For example in Public Libraries you could listed all the items on one subject that are held.

    Cheers Jenny


  3. I can see QR Codes could be an alternative method of cataloging to what is currently in place in libraries. Every book in a library has a bar code, and I am pretty sure these bar codes are not readable by smart phones. If a book was able to simply have a QR code attached (that is readable by smart phones), then checking out books in libraries would be made that much easier. As would checking in a book, all you would need to do is take a photograph, its that easy.

    On a side note:

    Still today (for some reason), using references from books seem to hold more weight than that of a well-known and published website. Perhaps it has something to do with the effort in going to a library and actually borrowing the book, I don’t know.


    1. Hi Francis-Alfred,

      What a great idea. I can see that working for e-books collections. I do not know if it would be practical for books. How would you keep control of who has what?

      When databases like AUSTLII and LexisNexis were first developed their contents were not accepted in court cases. They are today. I think that in few years, references from websites and books would have the same weight.



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