Play Activity – Week 4 – Skype


Pics and Photos

Skype and instant messaging are a cheaper way for people to communicate with colleague; love ones and friends.  Using Skype is just like talking to each other face to face and I use it to keep in touch with friends and family who live interstate.

I am an external student living in Melbourne so to communicate with my group members for assignment 2,  would be difficult.  So to be able to use Skype as a way for us to communicate is fantastic. My group finally got together on Skype after we both recovered from illnesses.

Using Skype was very easy but we had technical issues with sound.  It did not stop us discussing assignment 2 using the SMS section of Skype.  The other advantage of Skype over emails is that you get to know your group members in a more informal setting.  For example with both enjoy doing cross-stitch.  The outcome of this is good cooperation for assignment 2 and friendship after Inn333 is over. Overall the experience of using Skype was very rewarding and at the end of the session we had the framework done for assignment 2.


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